About us

We are Hester Radstake (1976) and Peter Hoogeweg (1975). We have lived many years in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In 2012 we decided to quite our jobs and move to Portugal. After a year of travelling and working through Portugal, we moved to Aveiro.

And here we are now! Hester is a freelancer and working in the field of education. Peter is a freelancer as well, but in the field of marketing, communication and strategy. He also rents out this comfortable and cosy accommodation. He does everything himself and tries his best to make all guests feel welcome and at home in Aveiro. So far, he succeeds quite well, have a look at the reviews.

Besides working, we like to explore the country, make long walking tours, drink a glass of good wine, discover the craft beers of Portugal, eat the delicious (sea) food they serve here, visit festivals, enjoy the sun and cycle to the beach or kayak on the beautiful lagune of Aveiro.

If you have any questions or want to have more information, please send an e-mail to peterhoogeweg@gmail.com.