About Aveiro

Aveiro is still a relatively undiscovered city in Portugal. It is called the Venice of Portugal, because of the surrounding water (canals, lagoon and the nearby Atlantic Ocean). Back in the days the city flooded regularly. Nowadays, Aveiro is also known for its salt pans and architecture. There are about 30 buildings, which are built according the style of the Art Nouveau or Jugendstil. Here we call it simply Arte Nova.

Aveiro offers lots of possibilities

The position of the city makes it really worthwhile to stay for a while. To discover the beautiful lagoon, to have a day-trip to famous cities, such as Porto or Coimbra and to taste the local sweet, called oves moles for example. But also: to shop and have a tour on one of the typical boats (moliceiros) through the canals and – of course – to enjoy the local food and Portuguese beverages. To hike. Or to surf and relax on the beaches, which are nearby (10 kilometers). In a nutshell: to enjoy the good life.

There are many restaurants, Portuguese bakeries and pubs in town. And the highlights of the city (which are: the canals, the Arte Nova houses and salt pans) are nearby, just as: museums, the city park and several supermarkets. The beaches of Costa Nova and Barra are ten kilometres away. And there is a beautiful nature reserve (called Bio Ria) north of Aveiro.